The new Orchestra Palmer on the first cd

Disks. The ensemble conducted by Gabriele dal Santo has devoted to the composer of Montebello his first recording.

The first cd of the new Orchestra Pedrollo directed by Gabriele dal Santo is dedicated not randomly to Arrigo Pedrollo. The composer originally from Montebello are offered the Concertino for oboe and strings (soloist Remo Peronato), his best known instrumental work, l’Elegy, the Vespero And the Berceuse, prayer, Song of Don, l’Intermezzo from & #8217; opera Mary of Magdala Florindo and Columbinelight, and a group of songs ranging from Singing heroic, to Tango The Waltz Fior di Passione, to At night, the Jingle and all’Asturiana. Except the Concertino, all other titles are here recorded for the first time. If they work for oboe was written over the years ' 50, the other works date back to the 20 's 30 's of the 20th century. Some were published, others have been found by the Association Palmer. Intermezzo and Song of the Don were arranged by Johann Wilhelm, Prayer by Gabriele Dal Santo. Nicola Mighty adapted for strings Berceuse.

Songs of light music provide in addition to the piano strings, which provides competently by the Saint. It reconstructs a salon orchestra organic that betrays the destination of the works. If light and dancing songs appear mostly dated, maintain their value the romantic Elegy that opens the cd, originally for Piano Quintet, a melancholy song that runs the length of the sway of the arches. The Song of the Don that could be a theme from the movie, and especially the Concertino where better to recognize the neoclassicism of Palmer. Notable adagio work for oboe solo, an inspired Medieval song from noble taste archaistic. High value NOP reading: phrasing carefully shaded Dynamics turned. And even in the most disengaged is not less good taste. A CD that pays tribute to Palmer, but also reveals, to those who don't know a string ensemble whose Vicenza can be proud. The style and quality of execution are managed technically and stylistically from the Manager, stated pianist of ten years ' experience in concert and popular Chief conductor of the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto and Poeriggi Musicali di Milano.

Philip Laughlin for il GIORNALE DI VICENZA

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