Travel notes. At the festival della Valtellina two unpublished proposed by NOP

Good morning!

in the next concerts we will be protagonists at the opening of the festival “The Other Notes” in Valtellina in which we will be playing two songs in the first performance in modern times. The long process of reconstruction and revision of the score, two great composers: Giuseppe Maria Cambini (1746-1825) Third sinfonia concertante for flute and violin and orchestra and Bartolomeo Campagnoli (1751-1827) flute concerto for violin and orchestra.

The soloists of the two unreleased concerts will be the brothers Stefano and Francesco Parrino.

Two Mozart symphonies will complete the program.

Here are the dates of the beautiful places where we're going to play the program entitled “…of lands and seas”

2 August 2017 Livigno hours 21 Church of Santa Maria nascente

3 August 2017 Valmalenco hours 21 Church of SS: Giacomo e Filippo

4 August 2017 Aprica musical Walk 21 hours (from corso Roma) and concert

all appointments (over thirty-five concerts!!) of the Festival the other notes at the following link:

We are waiting for you!


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