Le Chat Noir and the shadow theatre

18 January 2019 Hours 18:30 Sala dei Giganti Palazzo Liviano – Padova

NOP – New Orchestra Palmer
Alberto Spadarotto, baritone
Gabriele Dal Santo, Director

Presents Marco Bellano

Cabarets and café-concert, during the late nineteenth century, European geography was symbolic crossroads entertainment based optical marvels nourished by light, shadows and music. Its founder Rodolphe Salis, given the success of the show of shadows in the CHAT NOIR in Paris, it plays in the traveling version to take it abroad.
The projection of Shadows has the same show staged at the cabaret Le Chat Noir in Paris at the end of the 800. The atmosphere and the famous local customs will come back to life thanks to a careful restoration philological and artistic.

Video of the shows of shadows: Igor Imhoff

Music transcription for string orchestra, percussion and baritone: Marco Bellano
– La marche à l ' étoile. Mystère en 10 tablelaux.
Music and libretto by Georges Fragerolle. Drawings of Henri Rivière.
– Le Sphinx. Epopee lyrique en 16 tableaux.
Music and libretto by Georges Fragerolle. Drawings of Amédée Vignola.

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