NOP recording: upcoming cd with music inspired by the poetry of Dickinson

The NOP in its second recording is confronted with the music of the composer Francesco Carta. Il giornale di Vicenza of 16 January 2018 devotes an article signed by Stefano Rossi

recording session

Twelve songs inspired by the poems of Emily Dickinson

The project has a simple title, but a special charm: “Twelve songs on poems by Emily Dickinson”. The pianist and composer Francesco Carta decided to translate into music the verses of the poet 19th century us. The songs were composed and arranged for soprano voice and orchestra and will be interpreted by the young Japanese artist Naoka Ohbayashi and new Orchestra Pedrollo conducted by M° Gabriele Dal Santo. Francesco Carta realized a project conceived years ago. Graduated in piano and jazz music, has been teaching in State schools to address.

When did your passion for the poet?

Goes back many, many years ago. At least twenty. At the time I was playing with the Slovenian band Devil Doll, whose founder Mr. Doctor made me thrill to the writings of Dickinson. Therefore I started jotting down ideas, remained so far into the tray. In recent months, I told myself that it was time to realize the project. The compositions are inspired by the poetic leberamente Dickinson, to the suggestions, the dazzling images from she evoked, returned to new life from music. This is an original work ever made before.

Because “Romanze”?

I took inspiration from the poetry of Dickinson, musicandole and the term “Romanza” It seemed the most appropriate for explaining these my compositions. The romance tradition "is a song sung with instrumental accompaniment, sentimental character: love, nature, death, eternity, are themes that the poet down to a particular measure, transforming what is great and humble and remote familiar and vice versa.

Important meeting was with M° #8217; l & Dal Santo and new Orchestra Palmer…

Yes, I talked about this idea and did see the scores to Gabriele conductor From Saint who showed interest for the project. His valuable assistance and contributions of talented musicians will be critical to the success of the work.

Even the meeting with Naoka Ohbayashi was a key element?

Undoubtedly. I was looking for a voice, a soul not too lyrical, but at the same time understand the nuances of my compositions, both from a technical and poetic sensibility. When she told me she wanted to be a singer rock I realized he could get the right balance between technical abilities and temperament.

How would you describe his compositions?

It is tonal music, far from certain this abstractionism in much contemporary music. The compositions are characterized by a great variety rhythmic, melodic and harmonic, to better express all the nuances, even the most subtle and sophisticated, the poems of Emily Dickinson.

When will we listen?

Will post in early February, the nuns ' choir of St. Peter's in Vicenza, owned by the ipab, whom I thank for the grant. Will be with us the important sound engineer Federico Skin, which possesses the right sensitivity and experience to make the most of the breath of the compositions. And not only from a technical point of view…

What are your influences?

Having to do with names, definitely Dmitri Shostakovich is one of my favorite composers, especially as it treats the theme of death and to the unique color of his music. As a pianist I adore Chopin, for his brilliance of his ideas dazzling. Though the influence of jazz is determining factor in certain arrangements of the songs. The mixture then is based on a string ensemble and this makes it transfigured. I trust in a powerful and exciting final result, as are the words of the wonderful Emily.





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